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Explore The Insta-Worthy Offices Of 12 Stylish Girlbosses

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Courtesy of Bastide.
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Who runs the world? Girls. But you already knew that, didn’t you? Let’s face it: Beyoncé’s words couldn’t be more accurate in 2018.

Today, “girlboss” is much, much more than a buzzword; it’s a lifestyle. These women are reclaiming their power and forging their own path to success. They’re taking care of business, launching their own companies, disrupting markets, and cracking that glass ceiling.

But behind many girlbosses are gorgeous, Insta-friendly offices, naturally. We firmly believe that your space is your sanctuary, so why you should office be any different? After all, the office is where girlbosses answer emails, hold meetings with their team, and come up with viral ideas, so it’s important it’s designed to inspire excellent leadership and kickstart creativity.

From fabulous furniture, to tributes to yesteryear’s ShEOs, to an outdoor basketball court (really!), here are 12 girlbosses offices are giving us some major design inspo.